Luck Holding is a supply company.

The products that we supply include but not limited to chemicals, lifting and rigging items, safety equipments and hydraulic facilities. Although these products are produced in different places and different scopes , they are used in the same areas – offshore, drilling and energy projects.

We perform activities and conduct tests, certification, mounting and dismantling and capital repair of the relevant structures in lifting & rigging and mooring. The support activities are performed by the professional and experienced riggers from England, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey and Philippines. Offshore activities are implemented by the experienced employees invited from Poland, Ukraine, Turkey and Philippines.
We cooperate and consult with experts from the leading countries in chemistry, such as the USD, Japan, South Korea.

– At the moment we support our partners who implement big offshore and onshore projects. We perform transportation via our own vehicles and deliver the requested products within short term and for reasonable cost.

Usually we make a profit on the discount given by the producer. We are offered special discount as we purchase large volume of products. That is why our prices are much more economic than the other suppliers and our consumers avoid the additional costs. Our partners purchasing large volume, are usually relieved from the logistical expenses. We meet the transportation expenses as we own the relevant vehicles. Chemicals used for drilling are normally shipped by our tank container. ”Delivery to door” – DDP delivery service allows us to gain customer satisfaction which is extremely important to us. That’s why our slogan is “Your success is our luck”.

The progress of every company is associated with its scope of work and the profit it made. To be awarded with the large scope of work basically depends on confidence and history of the company. In this regard, we consider each order as a chance to acquire excellent reputation that can lead to great perspective.